December 26th

Justin Cross

I wrote, recorded, and released this song on December 26th 2018.

It's about what one might experience the day after Christmas.

The tree is still up But now yesterday’s done Spent three months preparing To show everyone Now they've all gone home And I'm wondering what to do with December 26th

The presents are open And strewn on the floor They begged for this stuff; But don’t care anymore It’s on to what’s next They’ve exhausted all giggle and kicks On December 26th

See, the best time of year It can only come once But the pain in our wallets Will linger for months All the warm fuzzy feelings will fade And we’ll start to feel sick On December 26th

It’s into a new year And out with an old Toward paths we’ve not followed And stories untold But that's still a whole week away I now I just sit And I smile On December 26th

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